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Hanns Eisler
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White Flood

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White Flood

Documentary, USA 1940

Production: Frontier Films

Screenplay and Direction: David Wolff, Robert Stebbins, Lionel Berman

Original Image Material by William O. Field Jr. and Sherman Pratt

Eisler published his score for this documentary as the Kammer-Symphonie [‘Chamber Symphony’], which he dedicated to Theodor W. Adorno. It is presented on the DVD in both the original recording conducted by Jascha Horenstein in 1940 and two newly-recorded versions in which the commentary is respectively shortened and replaced by subtitles (two versions which Eisler himself planned but presumably never realised).

The new recording was made in co-operation with DeutschlandRadio Berlin by the Kammerensemble Neue Musik conducted by Roland Kluttig. The shortened commentary is spoken by Chris Murray.

For the DVD the picture was carefully restored by Julia Wallmüller under the direction of Professor Prof. Martin Koerber. (The image quality in the excerpts presented on this website dates from a time before digital editing and gives the viewer an idea of the restoration work required on the film copy.)

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